Mazey was a rescue. You don't usually find rare breed cats like this in rescues, but there she was - in all her American Curl cuteness! Mazey does tricks. She will sit pretty and come up for a kiss for snacks. She plays fetch, let's the grand daughter treat her like a toy. With Holland, the Grandson, she gets the zoomies , attack for fun and really snacks attacks him. My grandson helps me with photos and teaches her tricks.

Mazey loves to go on porch in afternoon with Dad on leash and watch all the wild life. Mazey is a true snuggler and gets so chilled out she'll be asleep and roll or fall off the couch or counters. Than looks around embarrassed, as if hoping nobody saw it. She will be walking around house and just kaplunks down (we call this her "dead cat" impression) and lays on her back anyplace spread eagle. We all love her and spoil her so much. We feel so blessed for @Americancurlcatmazey.
Hello, Mazey cutie! Happy Cat of the Day!

You are an absolutely adorable girl! I like your sweet face, your whiskers, and your wonderful ears!

You are a smart girl, too! You drink water from the faucet. You go out on the porch with your leash on, and watch all that's happening there! Your young people are helping you learn your model skills, play games and have fun with you! PURRRRRfect!

Happy, happy Cat of the Day to dear Mazey!