Her name is Sadie Grace. She's five months old and we think she is mostly Himalayan. We were lucky that a friend saw some person with no heart dump Sadie behind our church (Grace Church - thus her middle name). We already have two cats. So my husband went over to pick her up to take to the humane society. He called me and said that I needed to see this pretty little girl. So he stopped by the house, I looked at her, took her out of the truck and made her home ours!

I never understand how someone can just dump an animal, especially this little girl who is the sweetest little baby. She loves to sleep with me and sit on me in the morning and look me right in the eyes. She loves our other two cats and they all love to play. She has one particular ball that she considers hers and she loves and carries around a lot and will bring to me. I just can't tell you how glad we are that she is ours.
Hello, Miss Sadie Grace, adorable kitten! Happy Cat of the Day!

What a rescue story you have to tell! You were placed behind your now-people's church, oh my goodness. Your person went to get you so you could go to the Humane Society, but guess what? You charmed him then and there!

Now you are home, and you are the sweetest girl! You love your kitty siblings and all of you play together! You have one favorite ball that you have claimed as your own. You sit on your person in the morning and you're right there when it is time for sleep. Best of all, you are a much-loved kitty!

Long and happy life to you, fluffy sweet Sadie Grace!