y rabbit is black from head to toes. He has got lop ears that hang down. He has big black eyes and he has an chronic cold so he is often sniffly. The vet does not know why, but it does not seem to bother Ernst. He is a bit fat. His friend is a female, named Nina. She's very small and she is brown and grey, and they look so cute next to each other.
Ernst likes to chew on his house, and we also give him a cardboard box to chew. He likes to eat dandelions best of all. He has a big cage with room to hop around. His fur is very fluffy and soft. He is very sweet. I love him.
Hello, handsome bunny Ernst! Happy Bunny Pet of the Day!

What a good-looking bunny fellow you are! I like your lop ears, and your black fur that looks so smooth and soft to pet!

You are a busy bunny - chewing on your house or your cardboard box, hopping around in your cage, or eating dandelions! You have a friend Nina who is brown and grey, and you look cute next to each other! Best of all, you are a much-loved bunny! Perfect!

Happy Bunny Pet of the Day to Ernst, and love to Nina too!