We lost Tiggi on Thursday- she was one of our famous feral momma cat Sophie's second litter, 4 torties- Holly (who had a litter of her own in the wilds of Dunellen, NJ and brought herself and kits to my NJ roommate to take in- she passed a couple yeares ago), Marcy (the sweetest of the 4- she passed about 3 years ago with a lymphoma growing over her heart), Chloe (the prettiest tortie, still alive and well here with us in GA) and Tiggi- Tiggi was always a little spooky, probably due to a bad foster situation for a few weeks in NJ (they came home terrified and reeking of cigarette smoke) and the need for some nasty ringworm medication on her ears which apparently burned a lot- but she was always happy to sniff my hand, and she and Chloe were always front and center when there was chicken or bacon or eggs or ham or any people food they loved- Tiggi got better over the years, she would acceopt some pets, but she preferred to keep a little distance and just be beautiful (which she was)- she was at least 16-17 and she just shut down over a couple of days, she passed very peacefully and calmly in my arms- her sister Chloe had a chance to say her goodbyes- we're really gonna miss her- she was part of our Breakfast Club, right by the coffee machine every morning, 7:30 sharp- Ralph, Mookie while she was alive, Chloe, GreyGirl and Tiggi - insisting on some food before I could ger my coffee- and she was always a beautiful cat to have around and she and sister Chloe were very close-
Play hard at the Bridge, sweet beautiful Tiggi- send us purrs- your sister sends love and she'll hold down the fort and take over on people food duty-