We lost sweet little Mookie this morning- not completely unexpected, she was 20 and for the last 2 years she's been a walking skeleton (despite repeated thyroid tests which showed no abnormality)- she was a tiny little thing from birth in NJ, she and her huge brother Cookie were the first litter our smart trapwise feral mom Sophie had- we were feeding Sophie in the back yard for awhile since she was obviously pregnant and she kept bringing her kits to eat at our outdoor cat-feteria- we got to watch her training them to hunt and everything- we didn't catch Sophie until after her third litter but we got the kittens and most of her boyfriends and got them all fixed and vetted.

Mookie was the first kitten we caught- a very sweet and timid little black kitten with a small white spot on her chest and a bigger one on her belly- she was a quarter of brother Cookie's size- but she was feisty and she stood up for herself to the very end- our biggest 18-pound house panthers knew better than to try and take Mookie's food or she'd paste them- for the last 2 years she's been getting extra food on demand and brother could she demand it! She was front and center by the coffee machine when I got up every morning, ready to yell for her breakfast- she loved lap time and pets and cuddles- and she LOVED getting on a nice fresh blanket fresh from the dryer, kneading a good spot and curling up for a nice nap on it- she was tiny and skinny but she was enjoying her life, no questions-
Last night she seemed a little weaker and didn't eat as much as usual so I gave her some tuna, which she loves, and she graciouisly gobbled up some- then I got her nice and comfy on her favorite blanket and she purred and nuzzled til she fell asleep- and that's where I found her this morning, cold and dead. She died quietly and relaxed in her sleep. When she wasn't on station at the coffee machine I knew.....

Rest happily at the Bridge my sweet little Mooks- know that we truly loved you and appreciated your love for us- send us purrs til we meet again, my sweet little black kitten- we'll never forget you-