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    do people still post photos of their pets on here? I mean other than the pictures of cat/dog/pet of the day? I was on here years ago and I used to post pics of my cats. is there a way to view past pictures, archive? sorry I am technically challenged !

  2. not sure if this is considered an archive or not but you can go to PT kitties A-Z: The Index(you can do the same in Dog general as well) and which ever letter you want and youll be able to see the pictures that people have posted of their babies. most of the posts were posted quite a while ago.

    you can also go to cat of the day(or dog/pet) and clicking previous and then whatever year you want and see previous winners

    i havent posted pictures here in a very long time cuz so many have stopped coming here and it's discouraging to post pictures and get one or two replies (if any at all)
    i dont know... maybe im weird like that? lol


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