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Thread: My 63rd Birthday

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    My 63rd Birthday

    Heidi and I on my 63rd birthday yesterday.We went out to dinner on Saturday,invited Larry who gave me a birthday card.
    We went to the Bowmanville restaurant,I had Chicken Souvlaki,Larry had pork Souvlaki and Mom had Liver.
    He gets lonely without my sister so this gives him something to do.Mom gets a bit forgetful,she thinks Larry was living with someone else,someone named Bill.
    I finally convince there is no Bill,she has been only talking to Larry.Last week after talking with Larry,she told me she had spoke to him in 3 days,says she was talking with Bill.
    thanks very much devon. I have been boo'd.

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    Happy Birthday dear Fritz03.

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    Happy Birthday, Barry! Sounds like a lovely day.
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    Belatedly- Happy birthday, Barry!
    Praying for peace in the Middle East, Ukraine, and around the world.

    I've been Boo'd ... right off the stage!

    Aaahh, I have been defrosted! Thank you, Bonny and Asiel!
    Brrrr, I've been Frosted! Thank you, Asiel and Pomtzu!

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  5. Happy Belated Birthday!

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    belated happy bday! you and heidi look great. have you asked larry about bill?


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