Stopped in to do a product review - no, not a paid sponsor.........

Pooph, spray odor remover for pets.

Just bought a bottle and tried it out on my stinky little doggy.

Bear is a rescue, so he came to us with no history other than he needed a home. We found out that he is a little susceptible to skin and ear infections and sometimes he starts to smell a little.

It's not a huge problem during the colder months, but this summer he took on a definite 'air' about him.

He's bathed regularly, so when the stink comes back, it's really noticeable.

Bought a large bottle online and was excited about giving it a try.

Simple application, spray into a microfiber cloth, use on the stinky parts and boom!


It's been three days and no odor has come back. It doesn't leave any masking odors behind to cover up any smells.

It's a great product and worth the investment!

10 stars out of 5.