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Thread: Renha is wonderful!!!

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    Renha is wonderful!!!

    She is a beauty, and I love that you rescued her and now love her as a family member. She sounds perfect! Best wishes to you all, and kisses to Renha!

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    what a BEAUTIFUL dog!! She sounds so sweet. Hearing her backstory is so sad and makes my blood boil knowing she was treated like that. But I'm glad she is now with a very loving family and that she is getting all the care she deserves!

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    Congratulations on being Dog of the Day
    You have had a very bad start in life
    but now you have a wonderful, loving life
    Celebrate your special day and many more

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    Beautiful dog with a beautiful story

    Renha is a true beauty. Thank you for sharing her story. Congratulations!

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    I'm confused. Where can I see Renha?

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    OMG! I see her now! What a beautiful story!


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