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Thread: Sugar pie!

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    Sugar pie!

    Sugar is awesome, and I want to thank you so much for adopting old pets. It’s truly a wonderful deed you’re doing. I’m thrilled she’s gained weight and will spend her end of life in a loving home. Her photos and story left me with a couple tears in my eyes! Thank you! I hope she stays longer than everyone thinks she can!

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    I am proud to say Sugar is my girl.
    She is the sweetest no mater how badly she was treated.
    At her age, she mostly sleeps, but it doesn't seem she is in any pain
    Seniors are the best. I'm a senior so I understand their needs

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    Seniors ARE the best!!!

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    Precious Sugar!

    Congratulations, dear sweet Sugar, on being DOTD! Your photos are heart-melting and your rescue story is inspiring! I'll never never never understand how a human can leave their beloved pet (family member) at a shelter ... BUT God was looking out for you when he sent your new Mommy (Guardian Angel) into your life! I know you are having the best times of your life right now with ENDLESS love, companionship care and treats! If the world had more people like your new Mommy, we would have Heaven on Earth because she is a Guardian Angel to ALL animals and people! We are sending LOTS and LOTS of X's and O's and prayers to you, darling Sugar, today and every day because you are DOTD every day!!!

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    I really love adopting one rather than buying a new one.


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