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Thread: Asking for prayers for Taz- in his last days

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    Asking for prayers for Taz- in his last days

    Our handsome tabby Taz is looking at his end-times, to our great sadness- Taz was a young cat, 8-10 months old, when we caught him and his whole group at a Shell gas station in Union City, GA in 2015- he got his name because when it came time for their first vet appointment, Taz absolutely shredded me- he wasn't keen to get into a carrier again- but he mellowed out quickly, becoming a sweet, talkative guy who loved pets and treats-
    He needed major dental work about a year ago, and had quite a few teeth removed- then this past month, he began sticking his tongue out and drooling a little, although he still ate perfectly well- when checked, he did need another cleaning but he also had a growth on his right gum at the jawbone that was impacting his tongue- we got him in to have that removed and clean things up, and have the growth biopsied- he recovered beautifully and is his old sweet self- but the growth biopsied as osteosarcoma- the vet couldn't get all of it because it was way into the jawbone, so she got what she could- but this is a very aggressive cancer and he has limited time before it returns and impacts his ability to eat......

    Please pray for Taz and his happy life for as long as he has-- this is not treatable by chemo or radiation, due to where it is, and his comfort and quality of life are the ONLY consideration for him now- he'll be spoiled rotten and treated to all the pets and laps and good food he wants for whatever time he has left- I hope and pray he has some good happy time left and we'll do everything we can to make that happen- but he WILL NOT suffer- I promised him that--

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    Prayers are on the way Tazz. Lots of pets and scritches.

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    Prayers on the way for you and Tazz both. And additional prayers that his transition be as painless as possible.
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    We are sending prayers and loving good wishes and warm comforting energies to Taz and you both.

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