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Thread: Awesome Aslan

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    Awesome Aslan

    Iím still laughing about him ramming into your refrigerator when he wants a treat. Thatís so great! I love him, and I hope he lives a long time!

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    Congratulations on being Pet of the Day
    You have already had a rather long life
    Now you living inside and have your people trained.
    You bump the refrigerator when you want something to eat
    Celebrate your special day and many more

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    Amazing Asian!

    Congratulations, Asian, on being POTD at 46 years old! We loved reading about your happy life and awesome personality! (Tortoises are fascinating!) Your loving humans are so caring and appreciative of everything about you! If I saw you waiting at the fridge for a strawberry, my heart would melt! We love the fact that you're a herbivore, too, just like our little pets! Go Veggie! Sending ALL best wishes for a continued happy, healthy, fun, safe life, Sweetie! /


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