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Thread: New Cooputer Desk

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    New Cooputer Desk

    Picture of the new computer I had assembled 2 weeks ago.It was done through Wayfair,they paired you with someone,the came and assembled it,took less than an hour ,looks good.
    Had to get a new computer,the dell I had bought last year for $620 quit on me,windows wouldn't load,tried restoring,thought I had it,couldn't get browser to go.Tried shutting it of and on,didn't do anything,so went to staples and got an Acer.Turned into a big problem,it would work for a bit,leave it for a few minutes,screen disappears,would take from 2 to 53 minutes to get it going again.Took it back to Staples,got a refund,got a Lenovo computer.Turned it on ,nothing,came to conclusion it was the monitor,so ordered one from Amazon.I got it Monday,everything working great.That is a Himalayan salt lamp on the left of the desk,have one in every room now.
    thanks very much devon. I have been boo'd.

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    Snazzy! my brother had a black desk exactly like it. they make for nice little corner desks


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