Samantha,Shannon's daughter now has her full license,drives a Chev,similar to my Pontiac G3.She works part time at a rest up the road where they live.She is in her last year of high school,will be 18 in April.
She is going through to be a nurse,her grandma would have been proud of her.Her brother Brandyn is a truck driver ,goes all over even down into the U.S.Sometimes he hauls nuclear material,quite a job.Has a girlfriend Tori
she is doing the same thing Samantha is doing,she is a little ahead of her
.Tori 's family invited him on a Alaskan cruise in the late fall,Brandyn drives or Tori's dad's trucking company.Larry gets lonely at times,he really misses Marlene like we all do,other than that he is fine.