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Thread: Gorgeous, Adorable Oreo!

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    Gorgeous, Adorable Oreo!

    Dearest Oreo, what a gorgeous, adorable kitty you are indeed! That thick, fluffy Calico fur is absolutely stunning, so colorful and in such a beautiful design. You have such a sweet face, with those lovely big pale-green eyes and that cute pink nose with the little black spot. Thank you for sharing those great photos with us! Your sweetness and beauty come through so well in them all. In that one of you lying on your side, are you looking for a chest and tummy skritch? I would love to be able to reach through the screen and up over to Nova Scotia to skritch that chest and tummy, and pet you! I can't, of course, but I know your loving and beloved Purrrsons will skritch and pet you as desired for me!

    And what a delightful Purrrsonality you have! You like to hang out in cubbyholes and sunny windows. One time you disappeared for six months and came back to your dear Purrrsons very skinny. I want to express my deepest gratitude and joy that you did return after all that time and you're now safely back home! You soon regained weight, and you are now pleasantly plump. You like to play with people's feet, so much so that your Purrrsons have to warn visitors so you don't get stepped on! You know a very good trick that many cats know very well: how to convince someone to give you more food, even after you just ate! This works particularly well with visitors. You are a loyal family member and consider yourself your Purrrson's guard cat! You love to be petted, especially on your chest and belly. You and your Purrrson love each other very much, don't you. What a wonderful love-filled home you share!

    Congratulations, darling Oreo, on being chosen Cat of the Day! We hope you and your dear Purrrsons and all your family and friends are enjoying a fine celebration, full of fun and lovies and all your favorite games and treats and special chest and belly pets!

    I meant," said Ipslore bitterly, "what is there in this world that truly makes living worthwhile?"
    Death thought about it.
    CATS, he said eventually. CATS ARE NICE.

    -- Terry Pratchett (19482015), Sourcery

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    Adorable Oreo!

    Hi Oreo! Major props on being crowned Cat of the Day, sweetheart!What a gorgeous Calico girl you are, Oreo! And true to that iconic cookie, you more than live up to your name; just as sweet as can be...a "double stuff" Oreo for sure! That look of sweet surprise on your apple round face is heart-melting, Oreo! And how beautiful are your big, sparkling green eyes and your silky, tri-color Calico coat! Purrfection!Your family must have been beside themselves, sick with worry when you went missing...6 long months! Thankfully you finally found your way back home, safe and sound, albeit frighteningly thin, in need of nourishment! Well, as we can see from your fab photo spread you've more than made up for time, those many missed meals! hehe Now, no longer feeling the need to roam, you've (wisely) traded in your wanderlust for a sunny windowsill and a nice nap, countless chest and belly and rubs and lots of yummy vittles! OK, that seems to be on hold, all of those bottom bowls, as you embark on your weight loss journey! But until that day you reach your weight goal, so much more Oreo to love!What a lucky family is yours, Oreo, having a furry family member as beautiful, as sweet, as special as you in their lives! You truly are a treasure, and so very worthy of your "top cat" crown!Thanks for the BIG smiles, Oreo! Meeting you today, reading your human's heartfelt tribute, being treated to your beautiful photos has been such a treat! I hope you were treated to a very special Cat of the Day celebration...napping on your sunny windowsill; indulging (just that one time, lol) in a bowl of your favorite foods; receiving countless chest and belly rubs; being loved and pampered to pieces! Lots of love, cuddles and kisses, adorable Oreo, our very special and most deserving Cat of the Day, EVERY day!!!

    Star,Tigg'r , Mollie and the10 Gallon Gang!

    And my Rainbow Bridge Furangels...Jingles, Cody, Fritz, Chessa, Satin, Buddy, Lizzie, Oliver, Squeaker, Moonbeam, Rosie, Ruby~


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