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Thread: Does Cali need cat company?

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    Does Cali need cat company?

    Hello cat people. It's been nearly a year since we let Diego go to the Rainbow Bridge. Cali is 15 now, and I'm wondering/contemplating adopting a kitten to be her companion. Cali and Diego merely tolerated each other in their later years, so I'm not sure if she would enjoy cat company or not. Do any of you who have added a cat to the family have any suggestions, thoughts, warnings?

    Thank you.
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    Dear Gayle, I'm sorry to be so late responding to your message. I've had a lot of trouble getting onto Pet Talk for quite a while.

    How are things for you and Cali now? Have you gotten a feline companion for her? And if so, how has that been working out so far?

    In case you're still not sure what to do.. I've found when I added a new cat to my two-cat family, it worked best to keep the new one in one room. The current cat will know something is going on in there, there is someone in there that she/he is not feeling particularly welcoming to. Give the current one lots of attention to reassure her that she is not being upstaged. Then introduce them in stages. Let the new one out for a bit, and see how they interact. Put the new one back in his/her room (her safe place) when things get tense. They may not become best-buddies, but they'll eventually get used to each other's presence. Give each the time she needs to feel reassured.

    Do you have a local shelter at which you could meet adoptable cats? I'm sure the people running it will be very thorough in helping you find a fine new cat or kitten companion for Cali and you. And be sure and check out their policy if the adoption just does not work out. A good, reputable shelter will take the cat back.

    Best wishes to you and Cali and your new kitty family member whenever that adoption might happen! Please keep us posted!

    - Pat

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    It might depend on the cats too. Inky tolorated Shadow as long as he was getting all my attention. Shadow and Cleo loved each other right away and Felicia hated any other cat I had. Shadow tried to get along with other cats.

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    Does Cali need cat company?

    irst of all, I'm sorry for your loss of Diego. It's always a difficult decision to let a beloved pet go.

    In terms of introducing a new kitten to your senior cat Cali, there are a few things to consider. Cats can be very territorial, so it's important to introduce them slowly and carefully to avoid any potential conflicts. Here are some tips:

    Start by keeping the new kitten in a separate room for a few days to allow Cali to get used to the scent and sounds of the new cat. This will also give the kitten a chance to settle in and get used to their new surroundings.

    After a few days, you can begin to introduce them to each other slowly. This can be done by placing the kitten in a carrier and allowing Cali to approach and sniff the carrier. You can also swap blankets or bedding between the two cats to help them get used to each other's scent.

    If all seems to be going well, you can allow the two cats to interact under supervision. Be prepared to intervene if necessary, and provide plenty of positive reinforcement and treats for good behavior.

    It's important to provide each cat with their own space and resources, such as food bowls, litter boxes, and sleeping areas. This can help prevent conflicts over resources.

    Keep in mind that it may take some time for the cats to adjust to each other, and there may be some hissing and growling at first. Be patient and allow them to work out their own dynamics.

    In terms of whether or not Cali would enjoy cat company, it's hard to say. Some cats are very social and enjoy the company of other cats, while others prefer to be the only cat in the household. You know your cat best, so you may have a sense of whether or not she would enjoy having a feline companion.

    Overall, adding a new kitten to the family can be a wonderful thing, but it's important to approach it carefully and with consideration for both cats' needs. Good luck!


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