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    Outstanding Oliver

    What a gorgeous boy! Iím so glad you made him an indoor boy, and he looks very content. Enjoy each other!!!

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    Oh-so-adorable Oliver!

    This is Oliver. He is two years old, or thereabouts, we do not know his birthday or anything, and is a tabby.

    Oliver was found in our back yard about a year ago. He was super friendly and loved for us to just sit with him out in the yard. So we had him neutered and he became an indoor kitty for good. He doesn't meow like a typical kitty but squeaks instead. He is very talkative and rambunctious. He enjoys his big sisters. He loves looking out the patio door and can sometimes be dog like. He waits for my husband to come home every afternoon and if he is late he lets me know about it. We adore Oliver.
    Hello, Oliver! Happy Cat of the Day!

    What a handsome gentleman you are! I like your grey tabby fur with the touches of lighter grey and white! And of course, your sweet kitty face looking at me !

    You were visiting your people's back yard on the regular, but you didn't seem to have a forever home. You showed your people they had been chosen by being super-friendly and having your people sit outside with you! Then you became an indoor kitty for good! Now you have a lot to say, not with meows but with squeaks You look out the patio door at all that's going on, and watch for your daddy to arrive home! You complain when he is late to arrive - smart fellow! Best of all, you are an adored kitty, as you should be! PURRRRfect!

    Happy, happy Cat of the Day to handsome Oliver!
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    Dearest Oliver, what a stunning young man you are indeed! You're an absolutely gorgeous guy, with soft-looking fur in that striking Tabby pattern in shades of grey. And what a sweet face you have, with those large perky ears and long white whiskers and lovely big golden eyes. Thank you for sharing all those great photos with us! You are so beautiful in every one of them. In that third one with you lying on your side with your tummy up, are you looking for a tummy rub? I wish I could reach through the screen and down over to Peoria, Arizona, to rub that tum (only if you want it rubbed, of course) and pet you. I can't, but I know your loving and beloved Purrrsons will rub your tummy (only if you want it rubbed, of course) and pet you for me .

    And what a nice story you have to tell! You and your dear Purrrents first got to know each other in their back yard. You hung around there, and you and they all loved just sitting out there together. They had you neutered, and you became an indoor kitty for good. A win-win for all! You have the most delightful Purrrsonality. You're very talkative, talking with squeaks rather than meows. You're also very rambunctious, and you enjoy your big sisters. You love looking out the patio door. Sometimes you're rather dog-like, waiting each afternoon for Dad to come home. If he is late, you let Mom know about it. You all love each other very much, don't you. What a wonderful love-filled home you share!

    Congratulations, darling Oliver, on being chosen Cat of the Day! We hope you and your dear Mom and Dad and big sisters and all your family and friends are enjoying a fine celebration, full of fun and lovies and all your favorite games and treats.

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