Murphy is a little - but growing - Grey Tabby boy. Murphy is an adorable kitty rescued on Mother's Day. He has two older brothers named Milo and Odie.

Murphy is super energetic and loves to run around the house with his favorite toys. He loves to sleep as much as he loves to play! You can usually find him sleeping in the funniest positions. Murphy was rescued in poor condition and was nurtured into health. He now lives with me happily and doesn't have to worry anything!
Hello, adorable Murphy and hello to Milo and Odie too! Happy Cat of the Day!

What a darling kitten you are! I like your tabby markings and your fur, which looks so smooth and soft to pet! I smiled when I saw the picture of you with your brother kitty You are adorable!

You are a very busy kitty, playing and running around the house with your favorite toys! Then it is time to take a nap in a funny position... a playful kitten must rest up and recharge! I imagine your big brothers are teaching you all you need to know! You were rescued and nurtured into health, and now you have no worries at all. As it should be! Best of all - you and your older brothers are loved kitties

Happy, happy Cat of the Day to Murphy, and love to Odie and Milo!