Hi, my name is Daniel, and this is my rabbit Knäcki. She is a baby and is about twelve weeks old here, and is so pretty. She is a small rabbit and I like her brown coat. Knäcki lives in a hutch behind the house. She likes carrots, salad and corn very much.. She is my favorite rabbit out of eight others. Knäcki was very weak at the beginning, but now she's very curious and enterprising! She sits often on the house in her hutch- not in it or just near it, but ON it!

We live in Germany, next to Stuttgart, in "Rosenfeld," but probably you don't know it!! I don't know the breet of her, but I know she is going to be a big rabbit once she is finished growing! I can always pet her, she likes that very much. And she likes being out and exploring, even in the snow! I love Knäcki!
Hello, Daniel and sweet bunny Knäcki! Happy Bunny Pet of the Day!

Knäcki, what a lovely girl you are with your dark eyes, your straight ears and your brown coat! Your fur looks very soft to pet! I would like to give you a hug- since I can't, though, I hope Daniel will give you one for me.

You live in a hutch behind the house, and often sit ON the house! You like to be out and explore, even in the snow, oh my goodness! You are a very curious bunny! You have some favorite foods- corn, salad, or carrots. Daniel can always pet you, because you like that very much! Best of all -- you are a loved bunny!

Happy, happy Bunny Pet of the Day to lovely Knäcki, and love to all the other bunnies too!