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Thread: When is your kitty snuggly??

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    When is your kitty snuggly??

    Are there definite times of day that your kitties are more snuggly than others??

    I have noticed that Marigold becomes especially snuggly in the evenings. And when I wake up in the middle of the night and go downstairs she is MORE than especially-snuggly. But in the morning time, she much prefers to crawl under the futon or guest bed, and doesn't want to be disturbed. It's as if she says, "Go away Mom, it's cat-nap time!"

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    EVENINGS !!!

    Inka is defenitely an evening-snuggler !!! She jumps on my lap then and departs to kitten-dreamland ...

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    Tama snuggles with me whenever he sees me. (He's in love with me) As for the others, I would say that they too are night snugglers.
    I love my furkid Neko!

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    Bosun has to have a lap cuddle when I first get on the computer. She jumps up, lays down, purrs, and stays for about 5 minutes. This is funny since most of the time she's a grumpy grouch!

    Diamond wants whatever I'm eating.

    Diva puts her paws up and asks to be picked up sometimes.

    TicTac is a mush at night. Sometimes he'll lie in the crook of my arm until he gets too warm.

    Mobius says if you want to pet me, get over here and do it.

    Smokey the Younger kneads at my feet when I'm on the couch.

    Pixel is feral and won't let me touch her.

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    It depends on which cat.

    Pepper is only snuggly right before bed and that is also when he is most playful.

    Angel is always snuggly as long as she has a lap to lay on.

    Bandit is most snuggly in the morning. Wakes me up every morning rubbing his face on my face. My allergies!!

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    I've got one of each.

    Mr. Jones can't wait till we get in bed at night. He turns into this love machine.

    Snowy is calm and cuddly in the morning and returns to bed after breakfast to cuddle his Daddy.

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    Filou is a morning snuggler. He comes to wake me up with headbumpies and nosekissies, then he follows me in the bathroom and walks round my shoulders continuing with purring. Tigris comes more in the afternoon, lies down on the table when you're working or on your lap and starts to roll round and purr.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Barbara View Post
    follows me in the bathroom and walks round my shoulders continuing with purring.
    Shoulder cat! Limpet did that with my son all her life. Soon as he went to get up she'd recognise the signals and move from his lap up onto his shoulders. He'd just mosey around the house with her up there, lean-rubbing the back of his head and purring at him while he went about his daily life. She even achieved figure-eights while he was in motion He said she never got her claws down to his skin even when she had to use them on his clothes for a bit of a grip. And he had this beautiful little move for letting her know when he wanted her to get down. He'd just kind of dip his body slightly sideways and extend an arm, and she'd go. I really did love the way the two of them seemed to communicate with one another on some private wavelength.

    She never really had a schedule for laps, but it was funny how she had specific cuddles for specific people. She rarely ever did the shoulder thing with me. With me if I went to get up, she would get down. But she had a cuddle for me too, especially at the computer: Sit on the lap, locate the right forearm, hang chin and one paw over it. Then she'd give a happy little sigh, fall asleep and gradually slip downwards until she fell off with a little clunk. Wake up, shake head, look narked, and repeat. Very dedicated about it. If my arm got tired and I started taking it away, she'd start putting herself back over it with just a smidgeon more paw and more chin every time. During some of our silent power-struggles she'd end up hanging her entire upper torso over my arm and clamping it down with her elbows, she was so grimly determined to teach me that's what that arm was for.

    I said she didn't have a schedule but that doesn't mean she had no preference. She could detect when you needed to pee before you'd even notice it yourself, and she'd be on you and leaning on it before you could blink.
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    Groucho is a real love muffin. He'll jump up and snuggle shortly before I have to leave for work. When I get home, he greets me at the door and wants snuggle time as soon as I sit down. But my favorite time is when everything is done for the night and I settle in to watch tv. Groucho comes up, makes biscuits for awhile, then with his hind quarters on my leg he puts his head on my chest and his front paw on my shoulder like he's giving me a hug. He stays like that for quite a long time and often falls asleep in that position. This is my favorite time with him.

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    Not very often. Usually 3 AM. She's not a snuggle-bug.
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    Evenings, definitely, especially when we're watching TV on bed AND 4-5 a.m. every-day of the week

    oh! and whenever it's raining..

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    Let's see....

    Noah is especially snuggly in the early morning. So, whoever gets up first gets lots of kitty loving from him.

    Noel likes loving whenever SHE is in the mood for it. Generally in the evenings though, after we've been gone all day. Neko's mommy, he's in love with me too. ANYTIME and ALL THE TIME for Basie.

    Olivia, kind of a cross between Noel and Basil...wierd huh?
    ...RIP, our sweet Gini...

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    Rascal always "puts me to sleep" - and I get lots of purring and a few love bites.

    But in the morning - he absolutely MUST be on my lap - especially when I go to Pet Talk. Hmmmmm- guess he is checking out what I say about him.

    The rest of the day.........don't bother me Mom!!

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    Kylie is usually snuggly only at night. When we are ready for bed. Any other time she is NOT snuggly!!! Sometimes she climbs up and sits on my lap, but not often!!! And if I take a nap, she likes to snuggle me.
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    Hmmm....evenings, definetly, for Dakky, Tenny, Georgia, and sometimes Tex. Tex seems to like me when I am watching TV during the daytime. Allie? She is snuggly first thing out of the shower, and on rare occasions, without rhyme or reason.

    My only "I can count on you" snuggler is Tenny. He is generally a snuggle buggly boy. I can pick him up and immediately, he starts purring.

    It seems to me that my cats are snugglers based on LOCATION, rather than timing. I can go lay on my bed in the middle of the day (no, I don't do this often), and I have snugglers. I think they like it when I am at their level.

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