S'more is a tan, white, and black Holland Lop bunny. When my family and I first saw him, we knew his name should be S'more because of his beautiful coloring. When S'more was a baby, his ears were HUGE! Now that he is older, his ears are more proportional to the rest of his body. S'more has always had such a sweet and loving personality. He never bites on purpose, only if your fingers get a little to close to the carrot he is currently chomping on.

S'more loves to hop around our house and he is now completely litter trained, although he wasn't at first. Getting S'more neutered helped a lot with that. S'more also loves to cuddle, be hugged, burrow and play with us. S'more loves getting an ear rub. He could go for one anytime.

He binkies all the time and loves to eat carrots, kale, apples, and pear. His favorite food though, is bananas. Most of the time, when we give him a piece of banana, he runs off with it so no one can steal his precious treat. S'more means so much to us. I couldn't imagine not having my furry friend to cuddle up with.
Hello, sweet bunny S'more! Happy Bunny Pet of the Day to you!

What a beautiful bunny you are! I like your white, tan and black coloring; your soft, plush fur; your dark eyes, and your wonderful lop ears! I would be very glad to pet you for as long as you like, or to give you gentle ear rubs! You are very handsome!

I smiled when I read about all the things you like to do! You burrow and play, hop around the house, and keep tabs on what is happening. You have lots of favorite foods such as kale, carrots, apples or pear. Your very favorite food is bananas, and you hurry off when you have a treat of banana so no one can steal it! Your person writes that you love to cuddle and be hugged ... I hope your person will give you gentle hugs for me while you are enjoying cuddle time!

Happy Bunny Pet of the Day to sweet, special S'more!