Hi guys. I wanted to post an update & let you know what's been going on. Panther usually always shows up for meal times. But... On occasion, if not one, definitely the other. This past Friday (17th) he didn't show all day. I was really worried. Over the wknd I went out looking for him, & calling a coupon times. .. nothing. Then, this morning, Sunday, he was here!! ( Answered prayers!) But, he was limping & could barely walk. Most likely hit by a car. (I didn't think he crossed the st. (We are at the opposite end of the complex). I scooped him up & brought him in, I got the carrier, & rushed him to the ER. His left femer is broken..shattered, so going to need a plate in it. They are doing surgery tomorrow or Tuesday.
It's going to be 4-6 wks of recovery. Hopefully he will transition ok being inside.
it's been an emotionally & physically exsausting wknd!! And now an expensive one! Just today was $671.! Surgery is going to be $2,500. Today took any reserve cash I had, & unfortunately, I'll have to use the care credit for surgery. Something I never wanted to use again, after it talking so long to pay off in the past. I'm just thankful he made it home to me, so I could help him.
please keep him in your prayers. Poor boy, it's only the 3rd time he's even been to a vet.