Dear Angel Ras, gorgeous Weimie girl~

How fitting that gold star surrounding your beautiul, sweet face is Ras, for you were and are a star, a star on earth and now at the Rainbow Bridge; your loving and giving spirit shining brightly still in the heavens above, in the hearts of all whose lives you so profoundly touched!

Star of a childrens book, doggie cover model, influencer and life coach, you did it all! Your most impressive following on Twitter, Instagram, all social media is testament to just how very special you are, Ras! If any pup is worthy of the title "woof ambassador" it's you, sweetheart! Kudos to your dear Mom as well, a star in her own right! What a team you two make!

She is the star of a children's book on Amazon and all of the proceeds from that book went to charity canines for disabled kids. Her mom also was involved in team service dog auctions on Facebook and all of those monies were split with canines for disabled kids and k9 for warriors . Her mom did pop art paintings of fur babies for money donations to the charities.

But as dedicated to such worthy causes as you were, that's not to say you didn't have a lighter, wacky and fun loving side, bringing joy and laughter to so many with your Weimie antics,able to chill and enjoy your parents, the beach and pool and play dressup!
Every girl's deserves a little clown and down time, right Ras?

She is famous for her "Ras-isms ... weimaranerwisdoms memes and for her life coaching. She was featured in Bark magazine smile edition, and is in wacky Weimaraners on "America's Funniest Home Videos" for just chilling on her pool floats. She loved to play dress up, loved to swim and loved the ocean.

I'm so sorry you are no longer there with your loving family in the flesh, Ras.
But just as your parent says, your loving spirit, your indelible pawprints live on in your Mom and Dad's hearts and in the hearts of countless others, forever and always. What a legacy!

She passed away on 1/19/2019 - she was 12 years old after having a beautiful day at her happy place - beach side. We keep her memory and legacy alive by having active Twitter and Facebook and Instagram accounts -we have about 4600 followers on Instagram @brotherbiagio_ and are ambassadors for best woof.

What a pleasure it has been meeting you today, sweetheart, having the great honor of paying tribute to one beautiful, amazing woof ambassador, loving furkid, Dog of a Lifetime! Now, off to follow you on all of the above, Ras!