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Thread: Christmas card swap 2021

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    Christmas card swap 2021

    Hello dearest Pt-Friends!!!! ❤

    Its that time of year again... time to sign up for the annual PT card swap! I'm sorry I didn't start much earlier... . But hey, here I am today!!
    For those who are unfamiliar, its a fun way to celebrate the holidays by sending cards out to fellow PTers and receiving many wonderful cards in return.
    General Rules:
    You must be a member of PT for at least since one month.
    You are required to send cards to everyone on the list. No picking or choosing!
    If you are under 16 years of age you must have your parents permission, then contact Karen before joining.
    If you would like to join in on the fun, please PM (private message) me the following info....
    your full name and address
    any family members/pets you would like to be included on the card
    You will be able to see anyone who is participating here (I will try update this list daily
    Signing up is possible till November 30th

    Signed up:
    1. Maya & Inka's mommy
    2. phesina
    3. tatsxxx11
    4. mbsmum
    5. catty1
    6. Snakemama
    7. Karen
    8. cassiesmom
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    I miss you enormously Maya, Inka & Zazou Be happy there at the Rainbow Bridge


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