Greetings, Bailey! Happy Cat of the Day to you, sweetheart!

Oh, what a gorgeous, stately and statuesque, oh so photogenic senior girl you are, Bailey! Your Russian Blue like coat and coloring, your sparkling, yellow eyes are so beautiful! Yep, I'm going with Russian Blue! But no matter your breed, you couldn't be any more beautiful if you tried!

I was amazed, reading your backstory, Bailey! Wow, you truly are the ultimate military/AF brat, hehe, having lived in 7 states and 2 countries! But no matter how far your travels, wherever you and your fur siblings and your humans may have hung your collars and hats, home is where the heart is! Right, sweetheart?

I'm so sorry to hear that both of your beloved siblings have earned their angel wings, Bailey.
And while you, at an amazing 19 years old, may be slowing down a bit, dealing with health challenges, it's for sure your Mom and Dad are doing everything in their power to keep you going strong and with them for many happy times to come!

In 2018 before moving from California at the age of 16, she was bitten by a rattlesnake in our back yard. Not only did she survive, but the following year in our backyard in Illinois she killed a bird. She is the epitome of, "You're only as young as you feel." She has slowed down a lot since the fall of 2017 and has hyperthyroidism and kidney decline. She is on special medication and special food, but her vet tells us, if she didn't know she was 19 she wouldn't be able to tell.
Having survived a potentially fatal rattlesnake attack in 2016, not only surviving but flaunting your hunting prowess just a year later, tells me a lot about your fighting spirit and your will to live!

Many thanks to your dear Mommy for sharing you with us today, her heartwarming tribute and so many heart-melting photos; giving us the pleasure of honoring her beautiful best boy. How blessed she and your Daddy are, having known your love and devotion the past 19 wonderful years, having you as as their Cat of the Day, EVERY day; their Cat of a Lifetime! You truly are one in a million, sweetheart, and so very deserving of your big day of honor! I hope you enjoy a very special Cat of the Day celebration...being loved and pampered to pieces, treated to all your heart desirs and more! Lots of love, cuddles and kisses to you, beautiful Bailey, our very special and most deserving Cat of the Day!!!

Beautiful, brave Bailey!!!