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    Beautiful Bubba!

    Dearest Bubba, a.k.a. Ronnie, you are beautiful indeed, absolutely stunning! That long, silky, thick grey fur so pretty and looks so soft, and you have the sweetest face with that darker-grey nose and those lovely big golden-green eyes. Thank you for sharing all those great photos with us! They really capture and illustrate your beauty, both physical and spiritual. That fur is downright luxurious, so fluffy and thick, and I love that shot of your tail held straight up! I wish I could reach through the screen and down to San Antonio, TX to pet you on that luxurious fur, and pet your dear sister Nancy, too! I can't, of course, but I know your loving and beloved Purrrents will pet you both for me .

    And what a terrific story you have to tell! You and Nancy were born feral and not in the same litter. Your dear Purrrents adopted you both eight years ago, September 28th, 2013, from a Maine Coon rescue group. Their previous cat Grayson was also feral and part Maine Coon. Sadly, they lost him after only eight years. They had learned to love the breed from him, so they looked purposefully for Maine Coons. They met you and Nancy, and you all fell in love and adopted each other!

    What a delightful Purrrsonality you have! You're full of energy and make your dear Purrrents smile with your antics. You love to play fetch, and you will chase after anything and bring it back.. scrunchies, crumpled paper, the plastic ring from a milk carton, toy mice.. Your favorite human is your dear Daddy. You love to sit on his lap, only his, and you have a very loud special purr for him, which you occasionally deign to share with your dear Mom. You and they and Nancy all love each other very much, don't you. What a wonderful love-filled home you share!

    Congratulations, darling Bubba, on being chosen today's Cat of the Day! We hope you and your dear Nancy and Purrrents and all your family and friends are enjoying a fine celebration, full of fun and lovies and all your favorite games and treats. We know that Grayson Angel is rejoicing with you at the Rainbow Bridge!

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    Meet Bubba! We adopted Bubba and his sister, Nancy, eight years ago. On September 28th, 2013. They were not siblings but were fostered together and had similar beginnings. Bubba was born feral somewhere in East Texas and was rescued by a Maine Coon rescue group. He is most definitely part Maine Coon. We actually named him Ronnie, but the nickname Bubba showed up early and he responds to Bubba!

    We purposefully looked for Maine Coons when we adopted Nancy and Bubba. Our previous cat, Grayson, was also feral and part Maine Coon. That is when we learned to love the breed. Known as the Gentle Giant, Maine Coons are awesome cats. (Sadly, we lost Grayson after only 8 years.)

    Bubba is special because he plays fetch! In fact, that is how I decided that we needed to adopt him! The website had said that he loved to play fetch. He will chase after anything and bring it back to you. Scrunchies, crumpled paper, the plastic ring from a milk carton, toy mice. He mostly loves to chase them, though.

    Bubba is one color: Gray. He does have a couple of white hairs now, but he is solid gray. An interesting contrast to his sister Nancy with her tabby markings. I sometimes call them Monochrome and Kodachrome.

    Bubba's favorite human is his daddy. He loves his daddy's lap, but only that one. He has a very loud purr for his daddy and occasionally I feel honored when he deigns to purr for me.

    Bubba's fur is soft as velvet, especially his belly. But don't rub it even if it seems he invited you to, it is always a trap filled with claws and teeth. He also always walks around with his tail straight up in the air!
    Hello, gorgeous blue-grey kitty Bubba! Happy Cat of the Day!

    I love "greybie" kitties and you are very handsome! I like your sweet face, your green eyes and your plush grey fur! I would be very glad to pet your velvety soft fur (but no tummy rubs) if I could ... since I can't, though, I hope you will allow your mom and dad to give you lots of pets for me!

    You are not only gorgeous, but also smart! You are good at playing chase with toy mice, hair scrunchies, or even crumpled paper! You sometimes bring the item back to your person, too!

    Your most special person is your daddy- when it comes to laps, his is the one you prefer. You offer a special, loud purr for your daddy and sometimes to your mom too ... she is honored when you purr to her! You walk from place to place holding your tail straight up, happily! Best of all, you and sister Nancy are precious, much-loved kitties! PURRRRRfect!

    Happy, happy Cat of the Day to gorgeous Bubba! Love to dear tabby lady Nancy, too!
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    Beautiful Bubba!!!

    Hi Bubba, a.k.a. Ronnie! Happy Cat of the Day to you, sweetheart, and greetings to dear sister Nancy, too!

    What a gorgeous, hunky and handsome Maine Coon boy you are, Bubba! Your plush, velvety grey coat is magnificent, those HUGE yellow eyes, stunning! And just look at that mile high tail! hehe No denying your Maine Coon creds when it come to looks and personality, Bubba! And true to your much loved breed, just as your Mom says, you truly are a gentle giant!

    Endless thanks to your Mom, your family, for choosing rescue; opening up their home and hearts to 3 most deserving kitties! I'm so sorry to hear that Grayson, a Cat of the Day honoree in his own right, left for the Rainbow Bridge long before his time; such a special boy. But thanks to you and sister Nancy your humans' hearts were healed, the joy returned to their lives! And while no longer there with your humans in the flesh, Grayson's legacy of love and rescue live on in you and in Nancy!

    Your family is one lucky lot, having been blessed with a fur son as beautiful, as devoted and loving, as special as you, Bubba, Nancy too; their beloved Monochrome and Kodachrome, double dose of furry purrfection!

    Thanks for starting my day off with a BIG smile, Bubba! Meeting you today, reading your proud Mom's love filled tribute and seeing your bevy of beautiful, heart-melting photos has been pure joy! I hope you enjoy a very special Cat of the Day celebration...playing with Nancy and enjoying a round (or ten) of fetch, batting about your victim(s) of choice, lol; cuddling on your Daddy's lap, your favorite person, hehe; receiving all the love your heart can hold, being spoiled to the max! Loads of love, snuggles and smooches to you, beautiful Bubba, our very special and most deserving Cat of the Day, EVERY day!!! Love to dear sister Nancy, too!!!


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