Greetings, Savana in Lithuania! Happy Pet of the Day, sweetheart!

Breathtakingly beautiful and packed with personality, you're all that and so much more, Savana...including being an accomplished athlete, a 1st place winning show jumper! But as impressive as your stunning good looks and athleticism are,
it's your big heart, your gentle and loving ways that make you the EXTRA special girl that you are! ! How lucky those young foals and fillies are, having you as their mentor and nanny, showing them the ropes, herding them gently but firmly!

But as blessed as your young 4 legged friends are no one is luckier than your human, having a beautiful, gentle and loving best friend and partner (in and out of the show ring in you!) Savana. What a gem of a girl you are, sweetheart, beautiful inside and out, simply the BEST!!!

Thanks for the BIG smiles, Savana! Meeting you today, reading your proud human's love filled tribute and seeing your beautiful photos has been such a treat! I hope you're treated to a very special Pet of the Day celebration...watching lovingly over your young fillies and foals and spending special time with your human; munching on some yummy apple, carrot or peppermints; being loved and pampered to pieces! Lots of love and a big hug to you, beautiful Savana, our very special and most deserving Pet of the Day, EVERY day!!!

Gorgeous Savana!!!