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Thread: Two girls together

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    Two girls together

    It is so hard to get Pantera and Pimenta to appear together in photos; they go to some length to make it as difficult forme as they can. But from time to time I get lucky. Just thought I'd post my few successes. Add in that Pimenta is still scared of Pantera and you see the challenge

    The image quality is terrible, but at least I got them on the sofa together

    It's funny that Pimenta looks bigger in the photos due to foreshortening (she's closer to the camera that Pantera is) when in reality she's about a third smaller than Pantera. The two are of similar height and length, but Pantera has a much more robust build.

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    Aww, "together" but far enough apart for their own comfort!
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    Oh, those are beautiful shots of your beautiful kitties, Lucho. Thank you! Sparkler and Tinker sometimes pose just like that; not far apart physically but taking no apparent notice of each other.

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    Thank you both

    It's funny to see the two in action: Pimenta is the padwan to the jedi Pantera. She still watches Pantera closely and tries to imitate her. Normally Pantera doesn't like company; she's very much the lone wolf- I mean, lone panther - while Pimenta gets separation anxiety if she's the only one in the room. Most of their contact is Pantera bullying Pimenta, but when there's an outside threat- insects or god forbid, a bird- the two are an amazing example of teamwork. It's something else to see Pantera rip the wings off an insect (we've had moths with 5" wingspans here) and pass it like a soccer pass to Pimenta and watch her little student play with it.

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    They are both beautiful.


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