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Thread: Beautiful Angel Goddess Athena~

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    Beautiful Angel Goddess Athena~

    To the family of beautiful Angel Goddess Athena~

    It's always a bittersweet day when a beautiful Rainbow Bridge girl or boy is crowned Dog of the Day; so honored to have the chance to pay tribute to a beloved family member, but heartbroken knowing their special one has earned her/his angel wings. And I have to admit, having shared my life with 3 incredible Labs/Retrievers, learning that Athena is no longer with her family, extra painful.

    What a beautiful black Lab your beloved Athena was, a Goddess on earth and now in heaven. She truly was the quintessential Lab: beautiful, loyal and loving to a fault, smart as a whip (that sneaky snake exchange, hehe), active and athletic, with an unequaled love for the beach, water and swimming, not to mention fishing! And when it comes to your Athena, brave to boot! She truly went above and beyond heroic, protecting you from those two mountain lions!

    I'm so very, very sorry you no longer have her there with you in body, sharing those happy times. But how very blessed you were, having known her love and companionship those wonderful 13 years. And I do hope you take comfort in knowing that your beautiful Goddess waits patiently for you at the Rainbow Bridge, romping happy and healthy once more until that wonderful day when you and she are together once more, forever and always. Until then she lives on in your hearts and cherished memories, never to be forgotten.

    I miss her every day. I hope she is waiting for me. Like they say: if there are no dogs on heaven, I want to go where they are! We love you Athena; today and always.

    Our furkids brings so much comfort and joy, love and laughter to our lives, and in Athena you were truly were blessed with the best of the best. As you say, she was beautiful to the core, inside and out, one in a million. More than a pet, or even a best friend, she was family; your Dog of the Day EVERY day; your Dog of a Lifetime!!!

    To Athena, sweet Goddess girl~

    Your Dad/Mom shared such a beautiful, love filled tribute with us, along with so many heart-melting photos; so proud of their precious pup. And proud for good reason, for a family couldn't hope for more in a furred family member. As your Dad/Mom says this is your special day, sweetheart, and no doubt all of our fur angels there at the Bridge (including my beloved Labs Jingles and Star), are hosting you one blow out day of celebration, a day filled all of your fave activities...a car ride; a romp on the beach and a swim in the lake, maybe a little fishing; a buffet replete with all of your fave foods and treats and so much more! And Athena, sweet Goddess girl, do send down your love, a sign to your humans to comfort them. They miss you so very much.

    Beautiful Athena *tears*

    Star,Tigg'r , Mollie and the10 Gallon Gang!

    And my Rainbow Bridge Furangels...Jingles, Cody, Fritz, Chessa, Satin, Buddy, Lizzie, Oliver, Squeaker, Moonbeam, Rosie, Ruby~

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    R.I.P. beautiful Athena
    You were lucky enough to spend your
    life in one home who loved you.
    Not every dog gets that security.
    Enjoyed the water and fishing
    You are truly missed.

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    Dearest Athena, what a beautiful Angel Goddess you are indeed! You are so gorgeous and lovely in those great photos. Thank you for sharing so many with us! Your stunning beauty, both physical and spiritual, shines through to us so well in them. You joined your Furrrever Family when you were just a puppy, and you were with them all those thirteen delightful years. You made them smile with your antics and energy. You were very protective, keeping your special friend safe from mountain lions. Very smart, too, cleverly getting a bone you wanted from your doggie housemate Helen! Your friend and all your family miss you very much.

    Now you are a glorious Angel at the Rainbow Bridge, whole and healthy again, watching over your dear family and sending down love. Please send some Angelic woofs to their hearts to reassure them that all is well, you are with them always, and you will all be together again One Fine Day...

    Congratulations, darling Athena Angel, on being chosen today's Dog of the Day! We hope you and your dear people and special friend and doggie friends Helen and Sophie and all your family and friends are enjoying a fine celebration, full of fun and lovies and all your favorite Angelic games and treats. We know the other Angels are rejoicing with you at the Bridge!

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    Dearest Beautiful Angel Goddess Athena, Please stay georgeous and healthy. Nice shots, cute overload on every post. Love your pure black color😍 Telehealth

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    Beautiful Angel Goddess Athena, you made my day! I don't know why I really love those dog that was in pure black color, the same with the cat. Others scared of that color but I find it cute. Austin Floor Refinishing

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    So sad to hear for what happened to you Athena. Hope your fur parents relieved from their loss. I know you did your part and brought happiness to them.

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    Run free

    Run free Athena, sad to hear this news.


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