Hi Ernie in Scotland, U.K.! Happy Pet of the Day to you, sweetheart, and early Happy 11th Birthday wishes to you too!

What a handsome, oh so adorable Chin you are, Ernie! How awesome are those "ready for flight" ears, those incredibly long whiskers! hehe But it's your soft and warm, beautiful brown eyes that have melted my heart into a pool of pure mush!

With those irresistible good looks there's doubt you wowed the judges during your time on the show circuit, Ernie! It warms my heart, knowing that after all of that time putting your best paw forward on the circuit you found you way to such a loving furever home. And now, your show ring days behind you, nothing to do but relax and enjoy your carefree, love filled retirement, getting grumpy when the mood suits you, hehe, making mischief with your brother, bringing so much joy to your human's life! Hard to believe, though, that you're 10 years young, Ernie; your older big brother and bestie Reggie an incredible 18 years! I had no idea Chins lived such amazingly long lives! Carry on, boys!

How lucky your human is, having a furkid as beautiful, as sweet and spunky, as cuddly and loving as you, Ernie! You're a gem, just as special as can be, simply the BEST!

Thanks for the BIG smiles, Ernie! Meeting you today, reading your proud human's love filled tribute and seeing your squee worthy photos has been such a treat! I hope you're treated to a very special Pet of the Day celebration, sweetheart...making mayhem and cuddling with Reggie; munching on some yummy goji berries; being loved and pampered to pieces, treated to all your heart desires and more! Lots of love, snuggles and kisses to you, precious Ernie, our very special and most deserving Pet of the Day, EVERY day!!! Love to dear brother Reggie, too!

SO precious!!!