Hi Ester in Estonia! Happy Cat of the Day to you, sweetheart!

What a gorgeous, photogenic Calico girl you are, Ester! Just look at those sparkling, expressive, copper colored eyes! I'd love posing for the camera too were I as beautiful as you! You're super model material for sure!

We're so thankful to your human, your family, for choosing rescue; opening up their home and hearts to one most deserving girl! And what a heavenly match it has turned out to be! You knew the moment you walked in the door that you were home, settling in in no time! And the rest is happy history!

How lucky your family is, having been blessed with a furry family member as beautiful, as playful and energetic, as sweet and as loving as you, Ester! You truly are purrfection on 4 paws, simply the best!

Thanks for the BIG smiles, Ester! Meeting you today has been such a treat! And assure your human we sure do love you too! Enjoy your big day in the spotlight, sweetheart...chowing down on all of your fave foods and treats (potato peels); playing and napping; receiving tons of cuddles and kisses; being loved and pampered to pieces by your proud humans! Lots of love, snuggles and smooches to you, beautiful Ester, our very special and most deserving Cat of the Day, EVERY day!!! Long and happy life to you, sweet baby girl!