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Thread: Diego having problems

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    Diego having problems

    It began early in June. Diego would leave the litter box with a wet back end. I'd have to try to catch him and dry him off. He was also being aggressive towards Cali so after consultation with the vet we started him on gabapentin, Cali was already on it for pain management.

    His litter box issue did not get any better so off to the vet for urine and blood tests. Nothing amiss with his urine, more dilute than normal as he'd been drinking more water of late. His blood work showed mild thyroid problems, just like Cali's. So put him on the same meds as Cali, but only once a day. This did not help with the litter box issue.

    Back to the vet as he still had a wet bottom and was getting pretty cranky when I'd dry him off. Rechecked his urine to make sure nothing was missed, no problems there. I had sent them a picture of Cali and Diego at their food bowls - Cali in a nice round sitting position, Diego kind of splayed out. They took xrays of Diego's back. He has a disk problem that is causing him to not be able to comfortably sit, so he is slumping at the food bowl and in the litter box. Put him on Metacam on Monday, today he seems to be more comfortable and isn't as wet after using the litter box.

    We shall see how long the Metacam gives him relief.
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    Oh my gosh, Gayle. Poor Diego! Please give him some gentle pets for me.

    I hope the Metacam will help with this.

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    Prayers for you, for Diego, and hopes that the Metacam proves to be the answer,
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