Hi Jerry in Germany! Happy Dog of the Day, sweetheart!

What a beautiful Terrier x you are, Jerry! (Yes, boys can be beautiful!) Your wavy, silver and gold colored coat is simply gorgeous, and your big brown eyes utterly heart-melting! And not only are you beautiful in looks but in personality as well! No wonder your human loves you SO very much! A human couldn't hope for more in a furry family member! And it's clear you love her/him back every bit as much! How lucky your young human is, having a loyal and loving companion in you, Jerry! Just as she/he says, you and your human make for one heavenly match; better together, best friends for life!

Thanks for the BIG smiles, sweetheart! Meeting you today, seeing your lovely photos and reading your human's heartwarming tribute has been such a treat! I hope you're enjoying a very special Dog of the Day celebration, sweetheart; playing ball and chowing down on some yummy treats; taking a nice, long nap and cuddling with your human; being loved and pampered to pieces! Lots of love, hugs and smooches to you, precious Jerry, our very special and most deserving Dog of the Day, EVERY day!!!

Precious Jerry!!!