Hey there! I am posting this exciting thread....(hope not only for me! ) I would looofve to know why you call your pet those name(s)...because of...? Personality? Just Being Creative? Colour? In Memory of..? Experience(s)?

I have a dog who is Mocha and a cat who is Zephyra... I'm gonna tell you my reasons so we will be even!

Mocha..is because her color (black, darrrkk brown) is almost like mocha(coffee)...and her previous name was 'Lady' in SPCA. Yes, she may be a lady but Mocha suits her as well! Named by my sister...

Zephyra is because... One day, we, me and my brother played a game -hangman...He picked out a word, "Zephyr" which means 'wind'..'breeze'.. and that unforgettenable last word that HE taught me just kept on popping inside my mind because we never had a brothership since that last game...and I miss him so much, so I thought I'd dedicate that word to my dream black kitten "Zephyra" so I can remember him everyday and be able to touch a real heart of his. Gee, hope this isn't bad to hear! Ok....I would love to hear yours, meow!