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    dog food

    Which food do you buy for your dog? My dog refuses to eat the food he used to love

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    Oh, it was a problem for me to find the right food for my Cooper. He is 2, and he had never had any troubles with eating, but two weeks ago, something happened, and he started refusing to eat. I tried to give him food from other brands and one of the options he liked. I order now food for him from Bellfor, and he eats it with appetite. I love that the food is natural and for an affordable price.

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    Is your dog even slightly overweight?
    if so that could be why s/he is snubbing their nose at the kibble.

    its what happened with my dog until i put her on a diet an she never snubs her nose at her kibble anymore,, in fact she eats it with gusto now.

    or is your dog older? older dogs can become picky an like gravy mixed in with their kibble or having their dry kibble soaked in warm water until its super soft an poofy before being fed it.

    this site may help you in searching for a different brand of kibble if youre wanting to change it:


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