Hi Cherio and Scooter! Happy "two for Tuesday" Pets of the Day to you, cutie pies!

How lucky are we, having not just one but two most precious furry ones as our featured honorees! What a beautiful bonded Fancy Mouse/Hooded Rattie brother team you make, Cherio and Scooter! My heart melted, reading how devoted you are to one another, and to your human Dad, Ryan! What a lucky Dad he is, having two such sweet and loving furkids in you two cuties, his double dip of furry perfection! Just make sure Dad leaves you plenty of room on the big bed come nighttime!

Thanks to your proud Auntie for nominating you for Pets of the Day, Cherio and Scooter! Meeting you today has been such a treat! I hope you enjoy a very special day of celebration...playing and cuddling with each other, feasting on your fave foods and snacks, being loved and pampered to pieces by your devoted Daddy! Lots of love, gentle snuggles and wee kisses to you, precious Cherio and Scooter, our very special and most deserving Pets of the Day, EVERY day!!!

So fluffy! So beautiful!!!