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Thread: Does your dog like music?

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    Does your dog like music?

    i have a dog that cares about my music. He love rock music ))

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    Dusky, in particular, tends to sing along, particularly when Kermit is being silly singing with him in the car! Dusky is a Golden Retreiver, Border Collie, and maybe Chesapeake Bay Retriever mix, no breed particular;y known for their "singing voice!"
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    Lora likes everything I like

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    My Lab Peach loves Mozart! Ever time I play "A Little Night Music" she runs for her toy basket, does zoomies around the house!

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    Pixie doesnt care what i listen to; she'll continue doing what she was doing before i hit the play button with no reaction to it

    my late dog however would always start bark when i played through a certain level of a video game though; if i remember right it was the Library level in HALO with certain reverb sounds or something an itd always get a reaction out of him. not sure if he liked it or not though LOL

    unfortunately i havent been able to test to see if Pixie would do the same since my controller got broken


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