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Thread: Can my Dog eat Bone??

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    Can my Dog eat Bone??

    Hai.. This is my first time having a dog! Its golden retriever.. Can I feed my dog with bones as snacks? I read about it that it's actually not good, unless if I give edible bones..

    You know, the one that you buy at the pet store.. A little confuse here.. Any suggestion?

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    I would avoid bones, actual meat bones (other than marrow bones) as there's too much chance of splintering: steak bones, chop bones etc. and definitely NO chicken bones! You can buy marrow bones in the meat section of your supermarket, or the frig at pet stores. The bone itself is so thick it's impossible for them to actually bite into, but the centers are filled with marrow which your dog (like my Retirevers, hehe) will spend hours trying to lick out. They're safe and keeps them busy!

    This is what a marrow bone looks like! I put mine in the freezer; keeps the pups busy longer!

    And I would avoid any chew type treats you may find in pet shops, like pig ears, knuckle bones, shin bones, even the rawhide bones you pictured. SO many are being recalled weekly for salmonella and other potentially harmful ingredients, and too many dogs have choked on pieces of rawhide!

    Hope this helps! And congratulations on your first pup, a Golden!!!

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  3. Since every dog is different this is a tricky topic as what works for some dogs may not work for others

    some dogs can chew on real bones while other dogs chip or break their teeth on them.

    rawhide is softer an safer for dogs teeth but on the other hand they are often loaded with chemicals; dyes an preservatives

    nyla bones are hard bone shaped pieces of flavored plastic

    bullysticks are the safest option but given the nature of what they are they can harbor bacteria

    do your research an keep an eye on your dogs teeth between each chewing an decide whats best for your dog.


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