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Thread: Lets talk about play games with Dogs

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    Smile Lets talk about play games with Dogs

    Definitely the dog lovers love to play with your dog. Me also. So lets start to talk about play games with dogs.
    Whoever play with your dogs and name the game.

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    Lulu is our warrior princess. She does not like games so much, as she is "on duty" for predators all night, but she and her doggies brother like the doggy favorite "I'll bite your head" game they play with each other!

    Lulu will also play fetch, Dusky is not interesting in that. Both are herding breed mixes.
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    Pixie loves to play fetch

    she also loves to pose for the camera an will pose even when i dont have it with me LOL

    i also like to make 'claw hands' at her an pretend im going to grab her an a lot of the time just before my hand gets to her she'll dart off into doing zoomies around me like a goof ball LOL sometimes she lets me grab her tail or poke her nose an than she'll do zoomies around me. clapping my hands an stomping my feet usually also triggers her into doing zoomies as well

  4. Just give a fetch and your dog will be the happiest in this world. Speaking about mine, it becomes mad if we do not play more than one day.

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    The dog will be happy with any attention you give it. My dog loves to run with me and fool around on the lawn in the yard.

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