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Thread: Who's a chatterer?

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    Who's a chatterer?

    Here's a little something: since moving to the new place Pantera has picked up a new habit: she chatters when watching birds. Our neighbor has a virtual aviary, with a pair of roosters, a duck, chickens, and at least six other types of birds!AuuZDL1FjG9lmj0ZmH4vQyPefmhj
    Initially, Pimenta tried to imitate Pantera. Later on she developed her own style!AuuZDL1FjG9lmTgE-esrL8GLFDGg

    Videos don't seem to embed the same way as images but the links do seem to work *fingers crossed*

    *edit* ok, almost there

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    This is normal for cats. Their instinct of a predator wakes up, and since they cannot get the bird, they begin to make various strange and funny sounds. I have a feeding trough in a tree opposite one of the windows, so in winter you can't overhear cat tantrums.

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    Oh yeah, most cats do it at some point or another. It's still funny to see

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    LOL cats are funny


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