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Thread: Collars on Cats are DEADLY!

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    Collars on Cats are DEADLY!

    I have worked closely with several veterinarian hospitals, and I have seen way too many DEATHS due to collars on cats. Cats climb, rub on knobs, and easily get that collar hung up on everyday items. Cats are NOT DOGS. When they get hung up they immediately freak out, start rolling like an alligator and die due to suffocation, broken necks, or shock! The so-called breakaway collars are not 100% and I have seen many a cat die from those as well. If you want to identify your cat, please microchip. Besides, a collar can be slipped, but they cannot slip a chip! Horrifies me and gives me nightmares every time I see a cat posted on this site with a collar. I actually cry knowing what I have seen and how many times I have seen it. It is a senseless way to die when it can be so easily prevented. TAKE THE COLLARS OFF OF CATS!! If you don't believe me, just google search " dangerous collars on cats"

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    That is one of those subjects people feel strongly about. Our cat just lost her fairly new flea collar, but we need to get another open on her, as she is nursing kittens, and when we put the flea drops on her and them, she washed it all off and got herself sick. She does not normally wear a collar, but didn;t seem bothered by it overmuch. She is a farm cat and great mouser, p[probably where the fleas came from.
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    The initial plan was actually to make it ONLY available in Axiom, but it worked so well and people got so excited that we decided to sell it separately too

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    Regular collars pose just as much of a risk to dogs as they do to cats for the same reasons of the collar getting snagged on something an strangling the dog to death...

    for those who wish to keep collars on their on their animal(s) there are collars that are designed with specially made buckles that will release when a certain amount of pressure is applied to it freeing the animal instead of strangling it.
    ^ is one such collar

    thers also break away flea collars but theyre harder to find

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