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Thread: Really worried about Cole

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    Really worried about Cole

    Cole just turned 16. He is his happy silly self.

    Over the past few months there have been quite a number of supply gaps in his chemo, Palladia. Even the oncologist is completely out. When this happens I use Transfer Factor in his food simply because there is nothing else to use.

    Yesterday and today I noticed what looks like a brand new mast cell tumour growing over his left eye. I'm worried, and angry. Angry because none of us here can do anything about it and Cole might die because the meds aren't available.

    The tech told me that chemo drugs are often a problem. Palladia is manufactured in China and Indonesia. Zoetis in the U.S.A. purchased the rights to manufacture Palladia but not in the doses available from overseas - which is fine.

    Zoetis Canada? Obviously not or we wouldn't have had these gaps.

    There is one place in the U.S. where my oncologist can order from. Fingers crossed.

    Just asking for prayers and good thoughts for my sweet sixteen kitty.

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    We're sending loads of prayers and loving good thoughts and warm healing energies for dear Cole.

    Here's hoping the oncologist can get the needed Palladia. Please keep us posted, Candace.

    {{{{{HUGS}}}}} and ~~~~PURRRS~~~~ and to you all.
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    Prayers on the way.
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    Big prayers for Cole and meowmie (and Oscar too)
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    Hopefully they can get that order in and filled quickly.

    Cancer drug shortages are affecting people too and it's the one thing that should never go short, it's the difference between life and death.

    Prayers for Cole.
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    Big prayers on the way to Cole and you.


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