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Thread: Does your pet have a special animal friend?

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    Does your pet have a special animal friend?

    When my cat Tigger was alive he would love to look out the patio window and this hummingbird would look directly at him through the window. Years have past and a Hummingbird looks for Tigger sitting on the couch so I put a plush tiger where Tigger sat and the Hummingbird seems happy.

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    Aww, how nice! We have enough creatures here that they all seem to have their favorites.
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    How sweet!

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    One of my late cats liked to play with a fawn that was born on our property an theyd chase one another from to time. it was super cute

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    I remember I had a dog when I was a child, he is friends with the neighbor's cat.

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    My cat has two friends - my chinchillas Bond and Jones. These guys do not want to be friends with the cat, they rush at it and snort, but the cat is very interested and friendly towards them. Often he watches them, approaches the cage, sniffs.


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