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Thread: Yea!!!!!! LET'S GO TO PETSMART!!!!

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    Yea!!!!!! LET'S GO TO PETSMART!!!!

    I have begun to take the monster.......ah, little ones on short errand trips. Nothing where I will leave the car for more than 2-3 minutes, tops.

    Today it was TJ's turn.

    Back story?

    We went to the PetSmart to buy them harnesses to walk them - When TJ first got here, he was a fluff ball that was able to fill out the 'small' harness we bought, this is until he went to the groomers and lost all his mass.

    The harness fit loosely on him and it was pretty apparent when we went of a walk, met another dog and slipped out.

    I chased him up the hill and almost to the park - which is almost 1/3 of a mile away. Not fun or easy when I had to drag the other dog along.

    (Why do they want to stop and smell everything on a new route?)

    TJ finally had enough and after 15 minutes, we headed back home....yikes......

    Hokay, Time for a new harness.

    I loaded up some recyclables into the car - I was driving by the center so this would be a good indicator of of his behavior while I was mucking around. I rolled the window down and he barked a little but overall? He was pretty well behaved.

    We finished our business there and drove up the street to Petsmart.


    I know that the first dog thing he will do is pee on something, so we park, I get out of the car and walk over to the little island/curb thing that had some dirt and plants on it.

    It's a place where all the dogs relieve themselves, so having him do his thing there makes me feel better.

    We approach the front door and he stops to sniff......I wonder what dogs think when they come across new smells or places? I pull on the leash to redirect him to get inside and we wobble in.

    The cashier greets us, we walk by and about 10 seconds later a woman calls to me "SIR!!!!"

    I turn around and she is standing right next to a trail of turds that he left right down the main aisle of the store.


    I thought, "Great..."

    The sales associate tells me "the towels and bags are right there" -thankfully they are a few steps away from the Trail o' Turds - and begins to apologize profusely..

    I looked at her and asked, "Why are YOU apologizing? He's my dog......"

    She giggled and left me to clean up the mess.


    I guess I am too old to be shamed or embarrassed any more.

    I thought it was funny and something that would ONLY HAPPEN TO ME..

    So, now that I have that experience under my belt, I can hardly wait for my next adventure with the other dog.

    I think it might involve vomit?

    Pray for me.
    The secret of life is nothing at all
    -faith hill

    Hey you, don't tell me there's no hope at all -
    Together we stand
    Divided we fall.

    I laugh, therefore? I am.

    No humans were hurt during the posting of this message.

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    might be a good idea to put a collar on your dog an attach it to his harness via a carabiner clip(or a couple of clips depending on your dogs size) so you can still walk your dog with the harness but have a backup for when he does escape out of it. as even a harnesses that fits a dog like a glove can still be backed out of by a determined or frightened dog.

    its what i do anytime i walk Pixie in town cuz she has a history of backing out of her harnesses an i have tried several different types an styles of them. including a few 'escape proof' harnesses. though she hasnt tried backing out of her harness in quite sometime but id rather be safe than sorry in public places; as last thing i want is her backing out of her harness cuz she got scared by a loud BANG(car door being slammed etc) an chasing her through a busy street...

    got her demonstrate what i mean. its not pretty but works

    you can also attach poop bags to his leash via a carabiner as well to make it easier for those popup trails in the store LOL

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