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Thread: Please help me with this cat issue!!

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    Please help me with this cat issue!!

    Okay, long story short I’ve been dating this guy for about two weeks now, I have a strong love for animals and normally house cats have never not liked me. But I did mess up and the first time I ever went over there I went straight to the cat and I guess it made a bad impression. Everytime I come over here which is often he grows at me if I get close and he’s even attacked me. Sometimes when I feed him he lets me pet him and rub all over him, but then after we leave the bathroom, that’s where he eats, it’s like a switch was flipped and he suddenly hates me. I don’t know what to do and it truly hurts my feelings I guess you could say. Please please please help.

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    I'd say, approach the cat on his own terms. Many cats are shy with people they don't know, until they get to know the person better and learn that that person is not a threat.

    You said he's friendly when you feed him, so pet him then IF he wants you to. Then leave the bathroom while he finishes his meal.

    If he's not friendly when he comes out, give him some space. You could stick a finger out towards him to see if he'll sniff it, at first. Go slowly with him. Maybe he has had bad, frightening experiences with some people before.

    What does your boyfriend have to say about all this? Does he have any suggestions? After all, this is his cat, and I assume he and the cat are friends with each other... ?

    Best wishes to you and the cat both!

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    All cats behave differently. and they are all not alike to give any specific advice.
    my cat is very cute, affectionate and friendly, but at least once a day he has seizures of aggression and this is normal


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