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Thread: 17 wk Zizou not getting trained and keeps going to pee every 60mins

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    17 wk Zizou not getting trained and keeps going to pee every 60mins

    Hi everyone. Iím a first time dog owner. Got this cute havanese male puppy at 15 wks. Since the. We think we potty trained him but we go back to scratch every 2 days. Is this normal? Everywhere I read, they can hold up to 4 hours. He has to go every 1 hour. Next problem, he has no problem doing in his bed or sit on his pee pad. Third problem, he keeps scratching and chewing himself.

    He lives in a playpen and sleeps i n a play pen. We donít use the crate as he seem to know the pee pad and do it there on most occasions. May be one accident every 2 days.

    We take him out every 1 hour to play or pee as he keeps jumping for attention.

    He is quite playful and we love that but at times he eats random junk from the road or garden and then run away so fast from us as if he knows it wrong.

    We are getting frustrated a bit. It we love him so much. We ready want to master the art of taking good care of him. What we we donít wrong? We donít let him walk around the house at all.

    He shows absolutely no signs that he wants to pee. He just goes to the pee pad and does it. When I take the pee pad to change it, he just wets his floor or the floor in the play pen. Seems like there is no logic in his head at all.

    Thanks for your help and stay safe everyone.

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    The scratching an chewing of himself could be due to a number of reasons. such as dry skin; parasites; anxiety; maybe experiencing pain in that area etc.

    but keep in mind young puppies pee a LOT. like 30or more times per day... its best to take puppies younger than 6months of age outside every 35/45minutes an right after he eats/drinks or wakes up from a nap. everytime right after he does potty outside give him a treat an lots of praise as you want him to associate that going outside = a good thing.

    but if the peeing is indeed an abnormal amount for a puppy than it needs be looked into. UTI can cause frequent peeing along with diabetes an bladder stones etc.

    i would say get him to the vet but its so much easier said than done with this Covid thing going around.
    best of wishes to both your puppy an you

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    You could get(or make yourself) something like this. might help with the scratching an chewing in certain areas. if its his butt area hes going after try wrapping a small hand towel around his neck an duck taping it place. causes a 'stiff neck' feeling that should detour him from licking/chewing back there until you can get him to the vet

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