I have been going stir-crazy at home in quarantine, so I asked the people I used to work with at the shelter to find me a foster dog who would keep me busy and keep my mind off of things. BOY did they come through. Meet Fomite and Vector, my new quarantine buddies.

Mama dog is a tiny chi/dachshund looking mix who gave birth in the shelter. She is too feral for any of their foster homes to take in and WAY too stressed to be in a shelter, so she's not doing very well and she refused to care for her puppies. Three of them passed away, but these two are fighting strong despite having some nasty diarrhea right now. They were born 3/18, so they aren't even a week old yet. Both girls, both nice and plump despite mama not wanting to care for them. We're struggling with feeding right now but I'm stubborn and so are they.

(Vector on top, Fomite beneath her)