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Thread: Covid-19 Observations

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    Covid-19 Observations

    How are you preparing? Are you panicked? Worried? Nonchalant?

    I was at the grocery store late last night - I bet most of the people who bought all the turnips and parsnips won't even eat them, but many of the bins were empty in the produce department.

    And there was no oregano on the shelves, though most other spices were in stock!

    Your observations?
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    Items not available anymore:
    toilet paper, hand sanitizer and anything that's supposed to kill viruses, bottled water, some canned goods.
    Pet food shelves are still fully stocked. That, to me, is weird.
    I am not worried about getting sick, but about having to stay at home from work without pay.
    Our schools are closed beginning Monday.
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    I think I have everything we need, to hold us for a little while anyway.

    This is all so weird and scary.

    I'm fighting off a cold, I assume (hope) just the usual seasonal cold!

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    Not too bad, so far!

    Karen, Living in a nursing home, it hasn't been so bad. However, they're adding on more restrictions such as no visitors are allowed at all, and starting Monday we are going to eat our meals in shifts. Beyond that, I'm not sure, but I'm sure it's necessary. But I think there's too much hysteria connected to this virus, too.

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    I’m not panicking, but worried. Covid-19 is spreading very quickly in Europe now. Italy has it worst, but other countries are close behind. Spain France and Germany are also hit hard. You can see the numbers here - scroll down:

    The measures our Government has taken on March 11th are extensive, there are press briefings every day from our Prime Minister on TV. In the evening of March 11, some people went crazy and emptied the shelves for canned food and toilet paper etc. in the supermarkets. The next day, I needed potatoes and sugar - all gone! Then Saturday, the borders were closed. Our Queen has also cancelled the celebration of her 80th Birthday in April.

    Pupils and students at all educational institutions are sent home

    All indoor cultural institutions, libraries, leisure facilities, etc. closes

    All public servants who do not perform critical functions are sent home

    Limited use of public transport

    Restrictions on nursing home and hospital visits

    Prohibition of gathering more than 100 people indoors

    March 15th, the below has been put in place - not sure I agree with it, but apparently, a lot of new cases are expected.

    “This week the health authorities' containment strategy has been replaced by a mitigation strategy. It means that the Danish Patient Safety Agency no longer detects and quarantines people who have been in contact with infected persons.”

    People who are sent home from work will get compensation:

    “The government is ready with an aid package for companies and employees. The aid package proposes that companies can receive salary compensation for up to 75 per cent. of employees' salaries - however, with a salary cap of DKK 23,000. Danish companies that are faced with firing at least 30%. or more than 50 employees may apply for salary compensation in order to retain employees. Hourly employees can receive pay compensation of up to 90 per cent. of the salary, but a maximum of DKK 26,000. The temporary compensation scheme will apply from March 9 to June 9, 2020.

    For hourly workers: The salary compensation amounts to 90%, but a maximum of DKK 26,000 per month.

    The employee does not have to be a full-time employee to receive compensation.”

    Stay safe, everyone!

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    Well both my church service - which generally has less than 30 people at it - little country church - was cancelled today, and this evening the Ceramics Open Studio was cancelled.

    Stay safe everyone!

    As you may know, I now live in rural Vermont, small towns in the mountains. I was at the supermarket today, and the store was very busy, packed with many people from Connecticut and New York and Massachusetts, buying everything that was not nailed down pretty much.

    We have bleach wipes in the car, and everywhere else, trying to stay as safe as possible when we go out.
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