She's been on the Prozac for about 10 days now. She's been very good for quite a few days.

Last night I awoke in the middle of the night to find that the quilt over me was a bit damp along the side. I had pushed the shower curtain down some when I was in bed.

She got up on the bed and peed on it while I was sleeping in it... ?

I didn't have the energy to change it then, so I put a towel under it between the quilt and the blanket below.

When I got up this morning, I found there was pee on the newspaper under and around her usual litter box in the living room again. I got rid of that paper, put down clean paper.

Just an hour or so ago I found a puddle in the middle of the shower curtain. I wiped all that up with paper towels. Then I checked underneath. The quilt had a damp spot there. The towel I'd put there the night before had soaked up quite a bit so it didn't seem to get to the blanket below it.

The shower curtain has gotten little pin-pricks in it here and there, from kitty toenails. I've been taping them over, but I clearly haven't found all the holes.

I pulled off the quilt and replaced it with my other one. I also pulled off the shower curtain, to get rid of it. This time I had a clear plastic shower-curtain liner to put there. That will get little pin-prick holes in no time too, I'm sure. I need to find something more substantial. Or maybe I should put two layers of shower curtains/liners.

I don't know what to do at this point. Of course this happened on the weekend when I can't call the vet.

I'm thinking maybe I should shut her out of the bedroom. But is that likely to result in her peeing more outside her usual box in the living room?

Any advice and/or encouragement will be greatly appreciated, of course! Thank you very much.