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Thread: My 7 year old stopped eating

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    My 7 year old stopped eating

    Iíve taken him to vet 4 times. He may need an IV and a feeding tube tomorrow. Iím so sad thinking I might lose him. Canít stop crying 😭

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    What tests have been run? Have all the visits been to the same vet?
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    I am very sorry to hear this!
    How long ago did he stop eating and what diagnosis were you given? A cat who's not eating is always a big concern no matter the diagnosis. Overweight cats are especially in danger when they become anorexic as they can develop a condition called hepatic lipidosis or fatty liver.
    So it is really important to get some nutrients into your cat as soon as possible.
    Make sure that the vet keeps you updated on everything, from any test to treatments.
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    I'm so sorry for your kitty's troubles, Obi Wan. I'm sending along good wishes and hopes and prayers that the treatment is effective and he recovers nicely. {{{{{HUGS}}}}} to you, and gentle pets to your kitty.

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